Friday, 28 February 2014

WLC College: Professional Courses for Administration

WLCI College is an established institute for providing professional management courses in India. It has 10 centers across major metropolitans. One of the courses offered at WLCI is the administrations course
All public and private sector organizations need administration personnel to keep operating productively and efficiently. The administration team performs a variety of general administrative tasks dependin-g on the department they are employed in. They also support the activities of the management and professional staff.

The curriculum for the administration programme at WLCI will train you on various administrative roles ranging from Facility management, Crisis management, Safety & Security and vendor management. You will also be exposed to the key aspects of facility and logistics and acquire knowledge and skills to manage vendors and handle statutory safety requirements for the organization. You will also be trained on procurement processes, development of negotiation skills and the know how to handle and operate in crisis situations. All organizations employ at least one skilled office administrator for the smooth functioning of the organization. This demand has opened the door for such professionals with great job opportunities in India where all private and public organizations are looking for talented professionals who can excel in administration.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Review of Financial Services Programme at WLC College India

WLCI College India is a leading provider of management training in India. Established 2 decades ago, the college is renowned for its Earn while you Learn programmes and the Employers Council. One of the specializations offered at the college is the financial services vertical.
Financial services refers to all the services provided in the finance industry, The finance industry includes a wide range of organizations, that include credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and government sponsored enterprises. The demand for professionals qualified for financial services is growing at a steady rate.
The financial Services programme is designed to give an understanding of the retail banking and financial services industry.. The student will be exposed to the processes of sales of financial products most prevalent in the insurance and banking sectors , risk management, functioning of capital markets and investment banking,
It is well suited for those desirous of working within the retail banking or financial services industry. If you complete this course you can work at banks, credit card companies, investment firms, insurance companies and private corporations. Some even work as independent financial planners and consultants.

Friday, 14 February 2014

WLC College - Research and Analysis Review

WLC College is a leading institute for providing quality education I the field of marketing research and Analysis. The College has 10 centers throughout India
Marketing Research refers to the systematic gathering, recording and intensive analysis of data related to issues regarding marketing products and services. The chief objective of research is to identify and assess impact of changing elements and features of consumer behavior. With growing urbanization and growth of large corporations Research has become a highly potential segment for employment opportunities.
WLCI’s Marketing Research programs offers students learn to capture data relevant for making business decisions and explore techniques of implementing suitable research strategies by exploring through various research methodologies, statistical concepts and quantitative techniques.

Careful attentions is given on each student while introducing them to qualitative methods, data analysis and the use of tools as these make or break any research project. After this the student is subjected to interpretation of the data collected and generate reliable forecasts as well as apply techniques which helps in creating effective marketing plans and taking critical business decisions. The requirement of Research & Analytics Professionals, across various professions & verticals, is immense and growing rapidly. This will be one of the most sought after professions in the business environment in days to come.

Monday, 27 January 2014

WLC College : Professional Courses in management

WLC College India provides professionals courses for students and working executives for the last 2 decades. The college is known for its productive approach to creating employability for its students. One of the approaches is known as the Earn while you learn program. The program gives students a unique opportunity to work in the industry for inculcating experience in desired fields and other universal skills like corporate etiquette and personality development alongside the whole duration of the course.
When a student’s enrolls into training, The Company keeps a thorough tab on the student’s performance. Each month, the corporate reverts back to college with its evaluation. The college then addresses the shortcomings of the student with the faculty helping in the students training.
One of the advantages of such collaboration is that the student is able to apply the theoretical processes of management in real time work environment. Most of our students believe that this is the best learning that they have experienced throughout their education.

The college also collaborates with the employers to design the curriculum for all of its subjects. This helps the college in maintaining the courses curriculum updated with industry norms. This is a modern breakthrough through the age old problem of outdated curriculums at most institutes.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

WLCI Mumbai : Institute for fashion Designing

WLCI Mumbai is one of the foremost fashion institutes in India. Situated in the megacity the college has changes the fashion education industry with modern programs that emphasizes on all verticals of the fashion industry and teaches with the help of practical training.

The WLCI fashion institute has become synonymous with excellence and success in the industry with most fashion designers and experts endorsing the institute for formal studies in the field.

The institute also focuses on providing training to the students under leading fashion designers and fashion houses alongside the course so as the students have industry experience and an edge over other freshers at the same level.

The college also helps students to build contacts in the industry as it is critical for building a career. With training, contacts, knowledge or art and grooming of creativity and ideas WLC students are geared to move towards a path of a successful career. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

WLC College : Pioneering modern age management courses

Wlc College has been enabling students to build a career in management for the last 2 decades. It was able to develop so by taking radical decisions to implement lucrative strategies in education. The path proved to be difficult but was achieved never the less.

To begin with, Wlc decided to comprehensive analysis of shortcomings In Indian education, later it explored courses in foreign universities with successful results. By gaining an overall scenario of Indian education, it set about bridging the gaps. It came up with the employer’s council. Te council comprises of professional from various backgrounds in the Indian industries.

This forum tries to collate the industry trends in the market to provide the students with latest developments for them to prepare for in the industry. Our program has shown that such students have a better chance of getting placed than from students from old style management degrees.

The college also prides itself for its traineeship program where students are presented with the opportunity to work as interns’ at large multinational corporate to polish their skills during the course period and gain a greater edge with students at the same level. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

WLC Business School : Employer Reviews

The WLC business school is a well established institute for business management for the last 20 years. The college has been exceptional in promoting employability in the country and has placed thousands of students through its training and placement programs. The college has lucrative curriculum designed by the Employers Council. The Council serves as a forum for Employers to voice the qualities they want in their future employees. Such synergy helps the course stay updated and explore the newest principles in management. Here some views expressed by participant of the Employers Council.

Rajeev Gera
“The level of discussion and quality of participants are beyond my expectations. I feel privileged to be a part of the Employers Council”

“The process of collating the collective wisdom to improve employability of students is commendable”

Ranjan Sarkar
“It was a good discussion. The curriculum explores life skills for students as well as knowledge.”

Ruth Singh

“This is a wonderful forum to discuss and actually put into practice the learning from the industry into academic curriculum. The experience of hearing such varied thoughts by experts was enjoyable”